1. Child friendly curriculum is prepared. Provision of two block periods for each subject is made in classes I & II -two teachers, III & IV - three teachers and V - four teachers are deployed.

  2. Class room library is developed. The prescribed shelves by KVS are not available so box system is followed. Concerned teacher selects the books from library as per the level of students gets it issued. Each day in the first period books are distributed, students read the books and by ninth period these are collected back by the teachers.

  3. Motivation for regular attendance and proper learning is done through incentives e.g. stickers, flawers, chocolates, special claps, words of appreciation etc Grouping of children is done in each class with a group leader. Group leader is given the responsibility to check in academes, behavior and hygiene of members of his/her group.

  4. Copies in each subject are checked by principal and I/C and required guidance suggetstions / appreciations is given to teachers and students.

  5. Self grooming in language by students is done through class libraries, word games, cassettes, CD’s and different games.

  6. CCA programmes are followed as per KVS calendar received and all the students are motivated for participation.

  7. Grand Parents day, Excursion, Community lunch, Library week, TLM Exhibition, will be organized between September to November.